Karlovy Vary - Carlsbad

Founded in the mid 14th century, the town of Karlovy Vary became a world renowned centre of spa activities, spa care and tourism as time passed. It has always been and still is visited by important personalities of world history – politicians, artists, sports stars. Let us briefly introduce the spa of Karlovy Vary, which is visited by around 2 million people every year. Its current appearance was mostly influenced by building activities of the 19th century and the historicism and Art Nouveau trends. More than 70 warm springs come to the surface in Karlovy Vary (temperature between 35–73 degrees Centigrade), and they are used for drinking, bathing and special therapies.
Spa treatment in Karlovy Vary is suitable mainly for diseases of the digestive and locomotive organs, for metabolic disorders and as an aid for recuperation after surgery of various kinds. The dominating sites of the spa area include the Spa I building and the Hussite Church of Saints Peter and Paul, which among other things is used for classical music concerts thanks to its unique acoustic properties. The Villa Basileia*** is situated in their close proximity.  In the heart of the spa area of Karlovy Vary stands the Castle Spa, which apart from relaxation and accommodation offers long-term spa care as well as the short and ever more popular wellness packages at the very top quality. A spa is always inherently connected with colonnades and promenade areas. Karlovy Vary boasts several beautiful colonnades, such as the Park Colonnade designed by the Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer, the Mill Colonnade by the architect Zítek as well as the Hot Spring Colonnade (right next to the Castle Spa) housing the biggest and hottest spring called Vřídlo (Hot Spring) (72 degrees Centigrade). 
Visitors should definitely take a close look at the building of the Municipal Theatre, also designed by the architects Hellmer and Fellner. Opposite stands the famous Café Elefant. The residential quarters – the so-called “Karlovy Vary West end” starts above the Mill Colonnade, encompassing the beautiful Orthodox Church of Saints Peter and Paul and several luxury hotel complexes, which have always provided high quality conditions for the treatment and relaxation of their guests, who often come from the ranks of world politicians, royalty or film celebrities. The modern history of the town is connected with the International Film Festival, which as to its significance can be easily compared to the festivals in Cannes, Berlin, San Sebastian and Venice. Sporting activities and relaxation can be enjoyed at golf courses at Olšová Vrata and Cihelny, a horse racing track and the Gejzírpark tennis centre. The town of Karlovy Vary is world renowned for the production of the herbal Carlsbad liquor called Becherovka, as well as Thun porcelain and Moser glass.
The Villa Basileia*** is situated on the bank of the Teplá Brook in peaceful surroundings close to the Imperial Spa, and the world renowned Karlovy Vary hotels – Carlsbad Plaza and Grandhotel Pupp.