Classic Thai

Classic ThaiThe perfect process of carrying out classic Thai massage is based on the many years of experience of Thai masseuses and their understanding of the energy paths in our bodies. The blockage of these paths in our daily lives brings on uncomfortable health complications. To ease them, pressure is applied on the acupressure points, muscles, tendons, all of that in combination with non-violent stretching of the limbs and spin. The masseuse uses not only her palms and fingers, but also her forearms, elbows, feet or knees. Gradually, the procedure releases pressure and ensures a harmonious result for the entire body. The massage takes place in loose clothes and is suitable for all age groups. Frequent massages result in better movement of the joints, strengthen the function of inner organs, improve blood circulation and improve the immune system. The benefits can be felt almost immediately.

Aroma Oil

Oriental massage of the entire body from the fingertips of your feet all the way up to the tips of your hair. It is a relaxing form of Thai massage, where special aroma oils with beneficial effects are applied to the skin, while at the same time, acupressure points are stimulated more gently. The Thai therapist focuses systematically on each part of the body. The procedure begins with the gradual massage of lower limbs, which is completed by stretching and relaxing individual fingers. The back muscles are then massaged. In the end, the masseuse focuses on applying careful pressure massage on the face and the top of the head, without the application of oil. This is one of the most effective methods of relaxation and regeneration, helping in combating tiredness, stress and tension.

Royal Thai

Royal Thai care suitable for the overall regeneration of the organism. It is a combination of traditional Thai massage and an ancient healing method consisting of placing hot herbal sacks on places, where energy flows take place. Traditional Thai massage first eliminates tension and stiffness of the muscles and joints, effectively stretches the spine and limbs and stimulates natural blood flow. By applying pressure on the reflexive points, the masseuse relaxes the body and prepares it for subsequent therapy. This involves the herbal sacks, which are pre-heated to a pleasing temperature and placed on top of tired places of the body. Thai herbs and spices within the sacks ensure that the skin is toned, that the body is relieved of stress and essentially ensures long-lasting physical and spiritual relaxation.

Royal Aroma

Extraordinary Thai therapy of the entire body involving special massage oils. These include numerous vitamins with strong soothing and regenerative effects on the skin. This massage improves the mood, harmonizes and works well in combating tiredness, relaxes as well as strengthens. It is a combination of classical Thai oil massage and an ancient healing method involving placing hot herbal sack on the body. The heat of the stimulating herbs slowly enters into the muscles, where it effectively soothes and relaxes the body, eliminating pain. In the second phase, the therapist carries out a special aromatherapeutical oil massage from the soles of your feet all the way up to the neck and nape.


Massage focused on getting rid of pains of the back, the shoulders and the nape. The procedure is carried out by combining techniques of traditional Thai massage and special herbal ointments, helping the body relax. It is also suitable for removing stress and head pains, associated with a blocked neck spine. For 60 minutes, the Thai therapist focuses on problematic parts of the spine, nape and shoulders, where through painless grips; she releases tense muscles and through pressure at the acupressure spots, eventually releases the spine and its joints.


An extraordinary slimming and firming massage of problematic parts of the body. Our welcoming care will transfer you into an exotic world of Thai beaches, making your body more attractive and perfect. You will only relax. Our slimming procedure will begin with gentle peeling of the entire body, which will remove all dead skin cells and ensure the correct blood flow to the skin. After the peeling, a wrap is applied involving only natural herbal products, which aide the process of fat removal. During the wrap, you will enjoy a massage of the face. The final slimming massage with an infusion of esoteric oils cleanses the lymphatic system and starts the process of fat removal from under the skin. Do not expect gentle caressing, but a true slimming procedure, where the masseuse uses special grasps and methods to start breaking down the fat and smoothing down the orange skin. The procedure is suitable for removing wrinkles and for soothing the skin.


In today’s hectic and busy lifestyle, it is becoming more and more important to offer your organism an opportunity to get rid of all unwanted substances, which flood your body due to pollution. By consuming alcohol, nicotine or caffeine, or simply due to an unhealthy lifestyle, these toxins build up and can lead to unwanted disease. Detox treatment can remove the tension, improve the quality of sleep, improve performance and let go of pain in general. The treatment involving a unique blend of products from seaweed commences the peeling part of the massage. The entire body wrap helps remove the toxins and is applied together with a firming mask, leaving you with a feeling of freshness and lightness. In the end you can look forward to a detox massage of the entire body, whereby the toxins hidden deep in the muscles and joints release themselves into the rest of the body, where they will leave the body through natural ways. As an additional procedure, you will have body cream applied. Do not forget to find time for relaxing after this procedure with a pleasing cup of green tea.


Revitalizing massage of the face and the head along with an acupressure method applied to the nape. For our masseuses, face massage belongs to a daily ritual. Inspire yourself with their young look and discover the secrets to beautiful skin. It is suitable not only for women, but also for men due to its perfect impact of relaxation of the central nervous system. The massage leaves you with a relaxing feel and relieves you of nervous tension.

Foot Reflexology

The feet are full of reflexive points and their stimulation by pressure releases energy paths (meridians), which connect the feet with all bodily organs of the human body. Reflexive massage of the feet revitalizes and returns energies to the respective part of the body, lowers stress and brings a sense of deep relaxation. Foot massage is also very important for the correct stance while walking, whereby you prevent health problems in the area of the back and spine. In our centers, this type of massage is coupled with massaging the entire legs and in the case of 60 minute therapy, also includes massaging the shoulders, nape and head.

Foot and Hand

Very effective Thai massage focused on upper and lower limbs. Our Thai therapist first carries out massage of the entire legs with a focus on the reflexive soles of your feet. By pressing on the specific points on the feet, energy pathways will be relaxed and will lead to a better function of all of the body’s organs. For removal of tiredness, the masseuse will apply warm herbal sacks. The procedure continues with massaging the hands using a special mix of natural oils. In the end, the masseuse focuses on therapy covering the back and shoulders. The massage treats the body and revitalizes your mind and soul.


Relaxing Thai massage ensuring maximum regeneration in a short time. Suitable for those of you with heavy workloads, living in a constant rush and under stress. Within half an hour, which will surely not affect your daily program, you will find an opportunity to regain lost energy. Thanks to fresh herbs and special Thai ointments, our Thai masseuse will rid your body of the feeling of stress and will release its stiff parts. The procedure begins first with a classical Thai massage of the back, the shoulders, nape and the head. Hot herbal sack therapy is also a part of this procedure, where application occurs on places with pain or those places with most complications.


This gentle massage is aimed primarily at upcoming mothers. It instills feelings of peace, harmony and safety. The beneficial effects of this massage are good not only for the mother, but primarily for the healthy development of the child. The massage is carried out on the back, on the sides and done exclusively by using natural oils with healing qualities for the mother’s skin which is under greater stress. It also limits head pains and feelings of nausea, improves sleep and improves the function of the back muscles, which are under heavier pressure during pregnancy. It improves blood flow and therefore makes it easier for correct function of the joints and the lymphatic system. This leads to the eradication of the “heavy feet” and other pregnancy-associated complications. It lowers stress and tension, further ensuring better flow of oxygen and nutrients to the child. Prenatal massage is suitable for mothers from the third month of pregnancy all the way until the time of birth.

Healthy Mum

Traditional Thai massage suitable for mothers after birth helps the tired body in regenerating itself and in returning to the original condition within a short time. It lowers stress levels, helps in the production of milk and improves circulation of the blood, regenerates the womb and therefore makes losing weight easier. It relaxes muscles that were under higher usage, especially those around the shoulders and the neck. It further helps in smoothing down the belly and has a very positive impact on stomach muscles.

Coconut Dream

Unique therapy of the entire body which lasts two full hours. The massage takes place with virgin coconut oil, which has been gaining growing attention for its beneficial qualities on skin. The coconut leaves the skin silky smooth, flexible and healthy. After warming up the body, the procedure commences with a classical Thai massage after which you will look forward to the pleasing relaxation oil massage. Your body will suddenly see pair and muscle tension disappear. A subsequent face massage with collagen will further cleanse and smooth-out small and larger wrinkles, adding that needed glare. A pleasing coconut essence throughout the procedure will further add joy to your life.

Chocolate, Vanilla or Coffee Touch

Unique oriental treatment bringing relaxation not only thanks to healing touches of our Thai therapists, but also through the pleasing smell of chocolate, vanilla or coffee. It all depends on your choice. It begins with a natural peeling procedure of the entire body, after which the regenerative wrap is applied. The masseuse focuses on the rejuvenating massage of the face and the skin on the head. As soon as your skin takes in the nutritious substances, the procedure continues with aromatic oil massage of the entire body, hands and feet. You will feel great and relaxed. As a reward, you will have soft and beautifully scented skin on your whole body.

TAWAN Paradise

Extraordinary three-hour long therapy, which can be experienced only at one of the TAWAN massage center rooms. At first, your body is treated with special natural peeling substance and will remove any dead skin cells. The skin is then ready for a regenerative wrap, during which you will undergo a rejuvenating massage of the face combined with reflexive therapy of the skin on the head. Sauna treatment follows, bringing further health benefits. The body is cleansed and toxins are removed from the body, strengthening your immune system. The treatment continues with Thai oil massage from the feet all the way up to the neck muscles. Peeling, wrap and the massage oil is offered in the following scents: chocolate, coffee, jasmine, cocoa or mint. The choice is all yours. The highlight of this amazing procedure is a water spa treatment with fresh flower petals.

Euforia Oil

Oriental oil massage of the entire body with 100% hemp oil with excellent regenerative, softening and anti-inflammatory effects. It slows down the processes of aging and acts well in combating various types of allergies. The main reason for this massage is not to achieve maximal relaxation and vitality, but also to ensure a healthy and moisturized skin. The healing oil is combined with traditional techniques of Thai oil massage, based on the stimulation of acupressure points and stretching of tense muscles. The therapist focuses on the relaxation of lower limbs, then back muscles and the spine, followed by massaging the top limbs. The procedure is completed with a relaxing and stress-relieving head and face massage. During the massage, utmost relaxation is achieved, removing any pain and tiredness. You will feel refreshed and revitalized.

Hot Chocolate

A refined combination of chocolate and a relaxing warm massage is truly tempting for all lovers of chocolate. The chocolate, aside from its amazing taste also has excellent soothing and regenerative qualities. It includes a large amount of antioxidants, works great to combat cellulite and leaves the skin smooth, soft and perfectly cleansed. The chocolate further leaves you with a feeling of having truly relaxed yourself, also getting rid of stress and nerve tension. Finally, you will be able to enjoy being wrapped in true chocolate. While you relax, our Thai masseuse will apply rejuvenating acupressure massage to the face and the head. A dream for all fans of delicate tastes and scents. Suitable for men as well!


Old healing and cosmetic treatment making use of the unique qualities of honey. Honey has always been praised as an aphrodisiac or a youth potion. It contains essential minerals and trace elements. Honey massage is a proven procedure for removing toxins from the body as well as revitalizing the entire body thanks to a special pressure massage. It ensures the relaxation of the pores and helps in improving circulation of the blood to the skin, which it leaves soft and warm. The procedure is highlighted by a honey wrap, during which you will relax while undergoing a massage of the head and face. While your skin will smell of flower honey, you will feel relaxed and reenergized.


Unique golf massage which involves using pre-heated golf balls and hot oil focuses not only on the problematic parts of the golfer’s body such as the back, shoulders and feet, but also acts as a preventative measure for the body as a whole. It prevents problems from occurring and allows you to stay in shape with greater concentration.

KOMBI - new

An outstanding COMBInation of traditional CLASSIC THAI massage focused from your hip to toe and AROMA OIL massage focused on upper half of your body including arms. KOMBI massage combines healthy benefits with relaxation effects from both massages. Did you ever hesitate between these most favorite massages? Now we bring you the best of both in one KOMBI massage.

OFFICE Therapy - new

Massage was tailor-made for a today's way of life. Lack of exercise and frequent sitting leads to stiffness, muscle shortening in sitting area and thighs, excessive stress on the neck and shoulder muscles and unpleasant pain in the lumbar spine. This Intensive massage eliminates muscle stiffness, increases blood circulation, prevents pain and helps restore the flow of internal energy. The longer version of massage is supplemented by a reflex massage of the upper limbs. Do you live in a hustle and bustle? You're sitting at work and often have a little time for yourself? Then this OFFICE Therapy massage is an ideal choice. Lengths are 45 or 75min. Prices are set in price list correctly for these lengths (website under construction).